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Loopgram: Snapshot Portraits 2

Transfer fabric over black and white print out of phot

Transfer fabric over black and white print out of phot

The second step in creating a Snapshot Portrait is to select a photo and get it transferred to your foundation.  I use digital photos, which I crop with a square in my photo program.    I play with the photo on my iPad using different photo filters until I have something I like.  Also make sure to save a black and white version of the photo as well as a color photo.  

These need to be enlarged to 7" by 7" square.  I use a program called PhotoRazor to do this.  It is a free download on the web.  Just run a google search and it will turn up.

Print 2 copies of the black and white version and 1 copy of the color in the 7" by 7" square.

Lay your transfer fabric over one of the black and white copies of your photo and draw around the light and dark areas, outlining your subject.  Reduce what you choose to draw.  The fewer elements the better.  These are small!