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Back from Nova Scotia

We just got back from a wonderful touring vacation, just driving around visiting family, friends and new places.  Along the route, I had the privilege of meeting Deanne Fitzpatrick, visiting her inspiring studio, and teaching a group of talented rug hookers my process for creating stunning mats from snapshots.   If you are interested yourself, I have written about this in a step-by-step instructional book available through LuLu self-publishing (refer to the left sidebar of this blog).

Wool Snapshot hooked by Susan Tirone, 2013. 

One of my students already finished her mat and sent me pictures of the final product to share with you.  Very impressive indeed!  Susan Tirone hooked this mat from a photo of her son and his friend.  It measures only 7" by 7" and was done with #6 cut wool scraps. 

Photos are used with written permission of Susan Tirone.

Wool Snapshot hooked by Susan Tirone, 2013.